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Mailbag: Under-The-Radar MVP For This Offense?


I know that Travis Frederick has a ways to go to get back on the football field. But let's say he makes a full recovery -- what happens with Joe Looney? He has been a huge surprise this year and has played at a high level. Do they try to find a spot for him, or does he return to a backup role? - MICHAEL RICKE / MADISON, SD

Bryan: Joe Looney is my Offensive MVP. It could have been an absolute disaster at center if he didn't show up when he did. Has there been a struggle or two with him? Yes there has, but overall I don't think you could have asked for a better season from a guy that many people didn't expect. I look for him to be back next season in a backup role and I feel really good about that for him. 

Rob: Looney is under contract through next season. He's been one of the most underrated players on the team given the shoes he's had to fill this year. It would be invaluable to have him back in a primary backup center/guard role next season.


The talk all season has been about LVE and Jaylon, and rightfully so. What about the other linebacker, Damien Wilson? How has he performed this year? - RUSSELL WALKER / WILLIAMSBURG, VA

Bryan: I am the guy that's always waiting for Wilson to have that breakout game. The speed and athletic ability is there but it just doesn't always happen for him. He should have made more plays and I don't know if he ever will?

Rob: Wilson overall has been solid in his role, helping set the edge on the strong side. As the SAM linebacker, he hasn't gotten as many snaps because the defense has played other sub-packages. He's gotten around 17 snaps a game on defense, but he's also been a solid special teams player with six tackles.

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