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Mailbag: Was Second-Round Pick A Surprise?


I though the Cowboys missed a great opportunity in getting one of the better offensive linemen in O'Cyrus Torrence in the second round. He was a need for Dallas and was sitting there when the team selected a tight end, who some had going in the third or fourth round. Did that surprise you? Was it the right move? – Tony LeBanca/Mebane, NC

Nick: I think most people were a little surprised but as I've said over and over, the guys in the War Room have a better feel for the players than any of us, especially me. I watch a lot of college football games, and I'll tune into the draft shows and flip through the magazine, but the scouts study these guys for two years and watch every play. Don't forget that the "experts" you're listening to probably watch these guys for 3-4 games. Schoonmaker might be a great fit but he lacks a lot of stats and that's what is probably the most concerning part. As for Torrence, there was a little concern on the medical side with him, which is probably the reason he dropped out of the first round over the last month.

Patrik: A surprise,? A bit, but not the kind that would've knocked me off of my seat (taking a tight end in the first round — which was all smoke, by the way — would have achieved that goal). Before things got underway in Day 2, I said that if there was a run on TEs to start Round 2, the Cowboys wouldn't risk waiting until Round 3 to get one; and they didn't. Do I love the value of Luke Schoonmaker at 58th-overall? I do not. I had him graded as a late third-rounder so that tells you I was high on him, however, this pick being eerily similar to me having DeMarvion Overshown graded (and mocked to Dallas) as a fourth-rounder before he ended up being the third-round pick. In a vacuum, I take O'Cyrus Torrence at No. 58 and my tight end at No. 90, but the Cowboys didn't, because the draft isn't a vacuum. They knew they had a better shot at figuring out OL later than tight end, so while our valuations were slightly different in real-time (the when), we're on the same page as far as the player goes (the who) and, again, I understand why they did what they did.

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