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Mailbag: Watching with the Cowboys in mind?


As you're watching the Super Bowl, do you view it from the perspective of a Cowboys reporter? Will you be comparing the Cowboys' players, system, strategy to what the 49ers and Chiefs are doing? If so, what will you be looking for? Or are you able to just put all that aside and enjoy the game as a fan? – Bill Perkins/Santa Fe, NM

Nick Eatman: I think it's only natural to do that, especially for the Super Bowl and knowing how long it's been for the Cowboys. But I don't need to watch the game on Sunday to know the Cowboys aren't at that level right now. We know they're not close to the 49ers, based off the last three games and a blowout this season. They're just more physical on both sides of the ball and have too many weapons. As for the Chiefs, they have the best quarterback in the NFL and probably a top 5 quarterback of all time. So they've got a major advantage over every team. Plus the combination of head coach-QB-tight end are on an elite level that is impossible to match. So we know now the 49ers and Chiefs are on another level by far. Plus, they both can run the ball when they need to and that's something else the Cowboys need to improve.

Patrik: I think it's fair to say that, at this point in my career as an analyst and beat writer that covers the Cowboys, I'm programmed to assess the success of other teams and weight it against Dallas' failures, and vice versa (I weight Dallas' successes against others' failures/struggles as well). So, yeah, I'll be tuned in to watch Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy battle it out, seeing if the latter does anything much different than Prescott, but the former is the incomparable so that wouldn't be a fair comp to any other QB in the league. I'll also be looking at how effective/ineffective each position group and player on both sides of the ball will/will not be, and I am seriously interested in watching Kyle Shanahan and Andy Reid go toe-to-toe with offensive schemes and adjustments, and the same goes for Steve Wilks versus Steve Spagnulo. I'll be watching stress-free, absolutely, but that part is the closest to enjoying it as a fan as my mind will allow — one that is always trying to figure out what the Cowboys need to do to get to this game.

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