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Mailbag: What Are The Ups And Downs Early This Preseason?



What has been your most positive and negative observations after two preseason games?

Rowan: The positive has to be the way the defense has created turnovers. The defenders seem to fly to the ball, and DeMarcus Ware hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. They're creating pressure with a line that many questioned heading into the season. The negative is the red zone issues. Too often the Cowboys stalled when they reached the 20-yard line and in goal-to-go situations last season, and through the first two preseason games those issues don't appear to be resolved.

David: Positive: It's a ridiculously small sample size, but the defense has looked pretty impressive when the playmakers have been in. Four turnovers in two games – and all of them have come in the first two quarters, when the unit's better players were working. Negative: It's early, but the offense has looked a little sloppy with the flags and other miscues. The first team offense's opening possession against Oakland, when they moved backward and settled for a field goal, was atrocious. And aside from Kyle Orton's nifty touchdown pass to Cole Beasley, the red zone attack hasn't been inspiring.


I really like what I've seen of Lance Dunbar so far in the preseason. Do you see him developing into the change of pace/3rd down RB that they had hoped Felix Jones would become?

Rowan: That's a pretty fair comparison and a likely scenario. Dunbar's performance in the first two preseason games aren't much of a surprise to anyone who's watched him in the offseason and training camp. At his size, it's an uphill battle to get people to believe he can be an every down back. He thinks he can become one, but even if he's not, his ability to get to the corner, catch and run off tackle make him an intriguing option for the Cowboys going forward. They will find a way to get Dunbar involved. [embedded_ad]

David: Man, he has looked impressive. Bryan Broaddus has been high on him all summer long after seeing his tape during the offseason, and it's easy to see why now. The Cowboys are doing all the obvious things with Dunbar, like trying to get him going as a receiver. But he has looked explosive and surprisingly powerful when he gets a chance to carry between the tackles.

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