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Mailbag: What Can The Cowboys Learn From NE?


I keep reading "if the price is right" about the likelihood Cole Beasley returns. I should think it is imperative for his skills to be re-signed. After watching the same kind of receiver tonight, Julian Edelman, do essentially what Bease does, who else with no questions do we have? Or is trying finding one like him worth the risk? - BRUCE RASNER / IRVINE, CA

Bryan: Edelman has been doing this for years. It shouldn't have taken just this game to realize that. There comes a point in time where you can pay certain players so much. The front office might be at that point with Beasley. If you sign him, great. If you don't you move on. I saw three slot players at the Senior Bowl I'd love to have that could be just as productive as Edelman or Beasley for a quarter of the cost.

Rob: Cole Beasley can help this team, no question about it. Whether he returns probably will come down to money, though. It's not about the Cowboys' cap space this year, which right now sits over $50 million. It's about the number of key guys whose contracts are up within the next year. The club has to prioritize and budget for those. To answer your question, they don't have another player like him under contract right now. Tavon Austin is a speedy, shifty slot receiver, but he's also set to be a free agent.


The NFL is a copycat league. Having said that, what can the Cowboys copy from what the Patriots are doing to win a sixth championship? JAMES JORDAN / CONVERSE, TX

Bryan: Keep working on building that defense. You can have the best offense in the league but when it comes time to pay, that defense is always going to win out. 

Rob: In the salary cap era, no team has done a better job in this many big games from a game-planning and execution standpoint. If there's one thing I take away from their playoff run that can be applied here, it's the way they protected their quarterback. Tom Brady was sacked once in three postseason games. Dak Prescott had pretty clean pockets in the divisional round against the Rams, but overall this season Dallas would've liked to be more consistent there. He got sacked too much and it wasn't all because he held the ball too long, as some observers say.

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