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Mailbag: What Can We Expect From The Giants That Is Different?


What do you think we could expect to see from the Giants on Wednesday that is different, or unexpected?

Nick: They have a second tailback who isn't 270 pounds, but he's probably pretty good, too. David Wilson was a first-round pick and although it might not be a Thunder & Lightning approach with Wilson and Bradshaw, two lightnings can be tough to stop, too. On defense, I have a feeling they get after the quarterback about like they did before.

Josh: I think the absence of Brandon Jacobs changes their offense a little bit. It's not that they won't be able or willing to run the ball as much, but the power attack that worried you before has been lightened a bit. I think Eli Manning will be throwing a lot more, in turn.


Do you look for the Cowboys to come out and run the ball to try to slow down the pash russ of the Giants, or to pick on their injury-weakened secondary and hope the pass blocking holds up?

Nick: Yes, I think that's the biggest key to the game. Establish a run. In fact, it's probably the biggest key to every game, for every team. But in this case, I think DeMarco Murray needs to get going early and that should back off the pass rush a little.

Josh: As always, they'll try to do a little bit of everything. DeMarco Murray is a huge key, of course, and maybe the two games against New York last year turn out a little differently if he doesn't break his ankle early in the first meeting. The Cowboys offense is a different one with Murray in the game.

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