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Mailbag: What Could You Get For La'el Collins?


I read your answer about extending La'el Collins. If the Cowboys plan to lose him, why not try to trade him now for a starting safety or cornerback? I'd take a second-round pick in next year's draft. That's better than a third-round compensatory pick. - BERNARD HENRY / PERSBURG, VA

Bryan:It's nice to believe that you could fetch a second-rounder for La'el Collins, but it's more important to this front office to have the player instead of the pick. Moving on from Collins means that Cam Fleming or Connor Williams is put in that spot and I don't think they're quite ready for that. Collins has been a solid starter for them and coaches hate to get rid of players that have played well for them, especially along the offensive line.

David: For starters, I'm not convinced you could get a second-round pick for a guy entering a contract year. But honestly, even if you could, I would rather have a competent and experienced starter at right tackle. We know how badly things can go for Dak Prescott when he isn't adequately protected. Having La'el on the line is more valuable to me than what I might get for him, even if he leaves after this season.


When practice squad players are picked up by another team, do they have to go or do they have the option to stay on their original team? - DONALD SCHEINER / COLORADO SPRING, CO

Bryan:Practice squad players have the option to stay if they would like to, but a better opportunity and a year toward their pension means lot for their future. It's rare that you can get a player to stay when presented with those options.

David: There are things teams can do to entice players to stay. A few years ago, the Cowboys reportedly paid Rico Gathers a handsome salary to stay on the practice squad and avoid being enticed by other teams. But getting a call from another teams means an opportunity at more money – not to mention playing time. It's a hard opportunity to pass up.

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