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Mailbag: What Else Can Cedrick Wilson Do?


Is Cedrick Wilson a truly viable punt returner or is this an experiment in case Tavon Austin is hurt? - PAUL KARAM / HOUSTON, TX

Bryan: I believe Wilson is proving that he can help you as a punt returner and this is just not some experiment. He has a feel for positioning. A sure catch and how to set up the blocks. Can be a weapon doing this.

Rob: Wilson returned punts and kickoffs in two seasons at Boise State and posted a 73-yard punt return in 2016. He's got a little experience there, and the more you can do, the better chance you've got to make the team. His 32-yard return against the Texans was impressive. But yes, Tavon Austin has been explosive there when healthy.

Kerry Hyder played really well against Houston from both the defensive end and tackle positions, registering a sack from each spot. Where do you see him playing the majority of his snaps once the season starts? - JUSTIN OSWALT / FARR WEST, UT

Bryan: I don't believe there is just one spot for him. That's why he's going to make this squad. But I do believe his best fit is playing as that under tackle where he can use his quickness against guards.

Rob: Hyder has lined up at defensive end quite a bit since coming to Dallas. He's also said it's his more natural position, though he's happy to play anywhere. But to your point, the Cowboys can kick him inside on certain downs. Yet another lineman with position flex. Remember, he's only a couple of years removed from an eight-sack season in Detroit.

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