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Mailbag: What Happens When Chris Jones Gets Healthy?


Now that Phil Costa is hurt and the Giants come in this weekend, what direction do you see us going in at center?

Rowan: It looks like it will be in the hands of center Ryan Cook. Costa's injury looked even worse than what it was, but it didn't appear to be an injury he can fight off a week later. The Cowboys have avoided starting David Arkin, and as long as Cook's hamstring holds up, he'll be the guy for now.

Broaddus: Ryan Cook will most likely be the man against the Giants. David Arkin will be the backup but don't be surprised if Mackenzy Bernadeau gets more work maybe with the 1s this week. He has been getting reps on the scout team so at least they have been preparing for something like this.


What happens when Chris Jones is healthy? There's no need to carry two kickers when the first-teamer is healthy, but should the Cowboys cut Brian Moorman, who has been stellar? And who, in your opinion, has been better?

Rowan: Moorman certainly hasn't made that decision easy for the Cowboys, but given the age difference, one would assume Jones will be the guy going forward. They've been able to balance which punter is healthier every week, which I assume they'll do until Jones' knee completely heals. Moorman's been a superb addition, punting just as well as any other elite punter in his time in Dallas, but age isn't on his side at 36 years old.

Broaddus: I thought Brian Moorman was outstanding both as a punter and holder in this Carolina game but Chris Jones is this club's punter and should be going forward. As bad as you probably need that roster spot, you have to make sure that Jones is completely healthy and that is the most important thing. With Moorman on the roster, it has allowed the Cowboys medical stuff to do just that.

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