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Mailbag: What Is The Plan For Covering Graham?


The struggles of Morris Claiborne have been duly noted, but how's Brandon Carr doing so far this season. I've not heard much on him from anyone, is that a good thing?

Rowan: Yes, it is. I thought he's played well the last couple weeks. If he can continue to play well and get in a groove, that'll be a huge boost for the Cowboys. Some of his success may be a result of teams picking on the other side of the field, but he's also had solid coverage a lot of the time. He hasn't had to face a lot of top-notch competition through the first few weeks, so this Saints game will be a good test to see where he's at.

Bryan: Against Tennessee he was outstanding. His technique was on and he took a physical approach to the matchup. Against St. Louis I felt like that he was fortunate in a couple of routes where he wasn't as good but Austin Davis was unable to make the connection. As long as Rod Marinelli continues to allow him to play in press coverage he is going to have a chance because any other scheme it is going to be a struggle for him.

Do you think the Cowboys will charge our best cover corner with constantly covering Jimmy Graham in the hope of neutralizing his threat, or will it be a collective effort. I think it might be best to give someone primary responsibility for covering Graham with occasional help. What say you?

Rowan:It's funny you say that, because it would be a very Rob Ryan move to do just that. I actually don't think the Cowboys mirror and follow Graham with one of their cover corners. The obvious answer [embedded_ad] if they're to do that is by using Carr to follow him, but I think they actually play him pretty straight up. I imagine if he splits out wide as he tends to do and gets covered by a corner, the Cowboys' safeties will know where he is at all times. Given how the Cowboys have done against tight ends early on this year, it's tough to imagine Graham staying quiet all night.

Bryan: Collective effort all the way. This defensive doesn't have one player that can completely take him all day. I fully expect to see Graham have to deal with linebackers, corners and safeties and even then he is most likely going to still make plays. The key here is limit those chunk plays that carry this Saints offense down the field.

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