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Mailbag: What Player Will Be The Talk Of The Offseason This Year?


Lake Williams Austin, Texas
Last year, all we heard about in the offseason was how good Andre Holmes was going to be. We know he didn't pan out but who do you think will be this year's Holmes as the talk of the offseason?

Ed Cahill: You'll hear a lot of buzz around Matt Johnson this offseason. He didn't have a chance to prove himself last year, but if he can show some flashes here and there you can bet he'll be one of the most talked about players during training camp.

Nick: That's a good question. My initial thought is someone like Cole Beasley but he's actually played. Holmes hadn't done anything was slotted as the No. 3 receiver. I kind of think we will hear a lot about Sterling Moore. He also played but I still think he's relatively unknown. I do expect him to have a good role next year.  

Kyle Miller Parsons, KS
Do you see any circumstances where Kevin Ogletree is back with the Cowboys again in 2013? Was he really that bad where they wouldn't consider having him back for the minimum?

Ed Cahill: At some point you have to realize that Kevin Ogletree has pretty much reached his full potential. Re-signing him at this point would only serve as a progress stopper to Dwayne Harris, Cole Beasley, and Danny Coale.

Nick:You'd like to say yes to that. Then again, I would've said that on Feb. 12 of 2012. But Ogletree still came back and was the No. 3. This team wants to get past that and use Harris and Beasley and Anthony Armstrong and whoever [embedded_ad] else. But if they're just not good enough then someone else will be added. It doesn't have to be Ogletree but just a veteran of some sort. The only real way I could see Ogletree playing for the Cowboys again is if they get into the regular season and need someone on short notice. If he's in shape and knows the offense, then Ogletree could be a quick fix.

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