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Mailbag: What's Happened To The Turnover Battle?


The Cowboys' offense put the team in a big hole with turnovers, but the question is where are the turnovers from our defense? Not only are we not getting interceptions but not creating fumbles either. To me, that was the biggest difference in this game (Green Bay with three takeaways and Cowboys with zero). Thank you. - DEAN MONAHAN / ALISO VIEJO, CA

Bryan: Aaron Rodgers generally doesn't turn over the ball. If the ball doesn't bounce off Robert Quinn's head, Byron Jones was right there to step in front of the receiver for a pick. Thought there were a couple of hits that could have caused a fumble. Chidobe Awuzie going after Aaron Jones moved the ball out of his hands.

Rob: No question they need more takeaways. Only four teams (Denver, Arizona, Miami and Jacksonville) have fewer than the Cowboys' four. However, the offense has to protect the ball even more when you play Aaron Rodgers. He just doesn't give it away. In eight career starts against Dallas he has five total turnovers and five games with zero.

Why not run, run, and run some more early in the game? Ezekiel Elliott was gashing Green Bay early on, and due to mistakes in the passing game we got ourselves in a hole. If the identity of this team is that O-Line and Zeke, exert your will and go out and win football games. - JORDAN RIPPY / WESTMORELAND, TN

Bryan: I am always a big fan of running the ball, but when you're down 14-0 before you know it, running the ball was not going to be the answer. Your inability to stop the Packers took that option away from you.

Rob: They didn't have a problem moving the ball early in the game: 168 total yards on the first four drives, and that included Elliott and Tony Pollard combining for nine carries. They also had success getting separation downfield, particularly with Amari Cooper. You mentioned the mistakes, and yes, by their fifth drive on offense they were down 17-0. It's hard to get Zeke involved heavily in that situation.

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