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Mailbag: What's the Latest On Randy Gregory?




What would a Gregory reinstatement do to the D-line? Being a bit ahead of ourselves with this, but what if Randy Gregory is reinstated?  What does that do for this rather deep line? Competition intensity should heat up for sure.

Bryan: No guarantees that he makes the team, but they could use his help at right end. He will be in competition with Kony Ealy, Dorance Armstrong and Austin Larkin for a back up spot. I don't see him playing on the left side, so you need to keep that in mind going forward. Regardless, if he gets back on the field it will be a great story. 

David:You're right, you are getting a bit ahead of yourself. Gregory is reportedly meeting with NFL officials in New York this week, but I'll believe he's reinstated when I see him here at the facility. If he does get reinstated, though, it's just another talented option in the mix at defensive end. There's nothing stipulating that he has to make the team, but if he's in shape and ready to go, I'd have to consider him one of the favorites to win a roster spot.



Given all the talk about the safety position this offseason with Byron Jones moving to corner. Knowing that Jourdan Lewis is not as big as Kris Richard would like for a cornerback. Why have we not heard any entertainment of the idea of moving Jourdan Lewis to free safety and still letting him work as a slot corner?

Bryan: They haven't thought about moving him because there still is a chance, as you mentioned, for him to be the nickel corner full time. In my opinion he's a better player than Anthony Brown and by the end of training camp they might believe the same. The one guy they have moved from corner to safety is rookie Kam Kelly, who looked uncomfortable playing corner in OTAs. 

David:I'm not interested in moving him because I think he's a damn good cornerback. It's completely possible he's the best corner on this team, in my opinion. When it's all said and done, I expect that he's going to find a starting spot somewhere. Not to mention: this team currently has fantastic cornerback depth, and I don't want to get rid of it. If you need another safety, go sign one. There are plenty out there. No need to deplete the cornerback depth chart.

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