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Mailbag: What's The Outlook For Dan Quinn?


I truly hope the rumors are true and Dan Quinn, who has become a player's favorite coach, stays put in Dallas. Do you think Q is staying put with the Cowboys because they are the Dallas Cowboys and if McCarthy keeps mismanaging clock, game decisions, personnel changes and penalties, that the best head coaching opportunity could be with the team he is already on? – AMOS LONGSTREET / ROSEVILLE, CA

David: I think Dan Quinn recognizes that the Cowboys will provide him plenty of other opportunities – regardless of the location. He has the benefit of having been a head coach in the past, so it makes sense if he's not desperate to jump at any opening that comes his way. He doesn't need the money, and he doesn't need the visibility. Plus, coaching Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs should give him a great shot to be considered again next year. It's an advantageous spot to be in, even if it doesn't lead to a head coaching job this year.

Rob: It does sound like Quinn is planning to stay on as defensive coordinator. As far as why, I think he simply loves this situation, coaching the guys on this defense. Remember, that's what he told the media weeks ago. He's got a chance to continue working with two of the top five young defensive players in the league (Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs). And although he's a strong candidate for jobs this year, he's proven enough in his career that he should be a strong candidate again next year, too.

I have heard a lot about blocking by the TEs. Supposedly, Schultz is a good or bad blocker depending on whose article you are reading. We know that Jarwin is not that good a blocker. I have heard that McKeon is a good blocker. Next comes Ralston. Could he be a TE-FB-HB that the team could keep active on game day and also be a special teams player? – PAUL KARAM / HOUSTON, TX

David: I think Nick Ralston's athleticism – and more importantly, his versatility – is going to give him a chance to hang around here for a while. As you pointed out, he can fill two or three roles on offense, and he can play special teams. Maybe he'll stick around on the practice squad, but he'll at least have a chance to fight for a roster spot. But if what we're talking about is a blocking tight end, I'd love to see the front office draft that type of guy on Day 3. The problem is there just aren't many great blocking tight ends coming out of college these days.

Rob: That's what the Cowboys had in mind for Sewo Olonilua before he injured his neck in preseason last year. It's not a bad idea about Ralston since Mike McCarthy does value the fullback position going all the way back to his Green Bay days. And you're right, they can stand to improve their blocking in the run game. Ralston should be a guy to watch again in camp, but you also mentioned McKeon and I think he could take a step forward as an in-line No. 2 or No. 3 tight end next year, depending on what happens with Schultz in free agency.

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