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Mailbag: What To Do With Remaining Cap Space?


With Travis Frederick's retirement and spreading the cap hit over two years, that money will essentially cover the draft class. That means there is roughly $10 million in cap space. If you are going to lock up some 2021 free agents now (besides potentially Dak), who would they be and why? – CHRIS BARKEMA / STORY CITY, IA

Nick: I wouldn't even look that far ahead. Remember, the Cowboys are trying to get a deal done with Dak so I would count on them trying to front-load the deal as much as they can. I don't see them having as much space as you're talking about. But if they did decide to get ahead on some contracts, the only guys that really make a lot of sense would be the cornerbacks – Chido and Jourdan Lewis. And even at that, I don't see them trying to lock those guys up.

Jonny: That's a tough question. You've got a mix of veterans past the point of long-term deals and young players who haven't quite proven they're worth it. I understand why the Cowboys would use this year to see if Jourdan Lewis can prove himself, but I ultimately think Lewis will be on this team for a long time, and it will probably end up being cheaper to extend him now then it would be a year from now. How much better was the best version of Orlando Scandrick than the current version of Lewis? Scandrick spent quite a few years in Dallas.

We now have two place kickers on the roster for a good camp battle. Have you heard anything about creating a punter competition? Do you expect that to be addressed in UDFA? – JEFF JOYCE / SHAWNEE, KS

Nick: I would imagine there is another punter on the training camp roster and one that can probably kick off as well. Don't forget, Jones is also the current holder so whoever the punter is, will probably need to handle those duties as well. But yes, Chris Jones didn't have his best year and he may not be 100 percent, at least not last season. I think competition is warranted.

Jonny: I think that the plan was likely to trust new special teams coach John Fassel to make an evaluation on whether Chris Jones is the punter he feels confident can get the job done for the Cowboys going forward. That evaluation might prove more difficult with the restrictions in place and players unable to come to The Star. But, yes, I imagine that Fassel will have his eye out for a talented undrafted free agent who could provide a potential competition.

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