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Mailbag: What To Do With This Extra Cap Space?


What are some of the most likely uses for the Cowboys' reported $20-plus million in available salary cap space? — KEN STICE / PLANO, TX

Nick: I wouldn't get too excited about it. The Cowboys might add a veteran here and there at wide receiver, swing tackle and maybe another defensive player. But no one that should cost a lot of money on the cap. The main thing they need the space for is next year's cap. Don't forget that Dak Prescott is averaging $40 per season but he's yet to count even half of that. At some point, the Cowboys have to do that so there's a big reason why they're saving some space. I wouldn't just assume they're going to go crazy on veteran players because they can. It's never been the philosophy around here.

Rob: They always keep a few million in reserve during the season for signings, injury settlements, etc. And this offseason they carried over a few million from 2021. I would expect that again. If you're asking for a position group that they could address, linebacker stands out the most to me. Jabril Cox (ACL rehab) will be back for training camp, and they have high hopes for him. But they don't have the same overall depth as they did this time last year, especially if an injury happens at edge rusher and Micah Parsons needs to fill in there like he did last season.

How many Cowboys receivers do y'all think are gonna have 1,000-plus yards this season? — JOHNATHAN GARCIA / HOLLY POND, AL

Nick: I'll go with only one – CeeDee Lamb. I do think he'll get there because they will figure out ways to get him the ball even if he's the primary focus each week. I see the rest being a committee-approach. I can see about four-five guys getting 700+ yards and that might even including a running back or two. But overall, I don't foresee more than Lamb putting up big numbers in the passing game because it should be spread out. Gallup might not be ready when the season starts so that means someone else should be opposite of CeeDee. Then Gallup will return later in the season and probably cut into some of the numbers. So, it's not a bad thing, but I can only visualize one player right now being over 1,000.

Rob: I'll go with one receiver (CeeDee Lamb) and one tight end (Dalton Schultz). Lamb did it last year and he's the unquestioned top option heading into the season. Schultz had 808 yards and he's looking at a larger role this year without Amari Cooper on the roster. Michael Gallup quite possibly won't be ready for Week 1 and the rest of the receiver rotation is unsettled, so it's hard to make a pick there.

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