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Mailbag: What Was Sam Lacking; Who Does Lawrence Replace?

The Cowboys waived Michael Sam. I thought he could be a good player. In what was he lacking, size, strength, speed?

Bryan: Michael Sam came to this squad with an empty tool belt as far as a rusher, but he now leaves here with a little more skill. That should help him down the road. I heard nothing but positive things of him as a teammate and person, but being on the practice squad, there are no guarantees. The club needed the spot and with Kenneth Boatright already there as a potential defensive end, the front office felt like they could move on without Sam. This is something that happens every day in the league.  

David: When Sam signed to the practice squad earlier this year, I thought necessity would give him a chance to make an impact. If you'll recall, this team cycled through 19 different defensive linemen last season. It's been the opposite story this season, however. Davon Coleman hurt himself in the weight room a few weeks ago, but for the most part the defensive line is getting healthier as the season goes along. I don't know that it's anything Sam was lacking, so much as the Cowboys had more pressing needs.

With the impending return of DeMarcus Lawrence in a couple of weeks who do you think will be odd man out for his roster spot?

Bryan: They are carrying an extra offensive tackle at this point in the season and with the future return of Doug Free that is a direction they might go. Lavar Edwards has also been sent on and off as has Keith Smith. There are plenty of options.

David:The obvious bet is the one Bryan mentioned first. Free might be back as soon as the Arizona or Jacksonville games, and he'll almost certainly be back when the team returns from its bye week. In that case, either Donald Hawkins or Tony Hills could be the cut. Davon Coleman could be a guy to watch, as he hasn't been active for a game since Week 2.

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