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Mailbag: When Should The Cowboys Draft A Quarterback?


To me, next year's draft would be more fitting to get a future QB. I really don't know why fans are so set on drafting a QB from this draft when there just aren't any decent options. Would you agree that the Cowboys should be active there in next year's draft?

Rowan: Waiting a year or two might be smart at this point. The Tony Romo deal means he's going to be the starter for at least the next few years, and Kyle Orton buys them time as a capable backup before they need to find a younger piece. The Cowboys must make sure to draft or develop a quarterback in the next few years to eventually replace Romo, but this doesn't appear to be the year to do it, particularly considering the quarterbacks in this class.

Nick: I think next year probably makes more sense. But if you've got a guy in the middle rounds who has fallen, it wouldn't be the worst idea to draft him. You know with Romo and Orton that a young guy will play quite a bit in the preseason and you've got five this year. So if the right player falls, I'd go ahead and take one. Teams seem to trade good value for young quarterbacks with potential.

If one of the first-round graded guards gets drafted (Cooper or Warmack), do you see the Cowboys moving up to get the other one?

Rowan:That would be an option I'd bet they'd consider, particularly if one of the guards is taken after the 10th pick and by around the 15th pick the other was still available. I don't see them giving away a bunch to jump the way they did for Morris Claiborne in the top 10 last year. But if it's moving up a couple picks to supplant a team they think might grab the other guard, it seems like that could be a possibility. As it stands, I don't see them moving up with the 18th pick, [embedded_ad] though.

Nick: That's a tough question to answer right here. It depends when and where the Cowboys are and how much are we talking about moving up? One or two picks? 10 picks? I could see the Cowboys standing pat but if the guy they really like is sitting there at 15 or 16 and they feel like a team ahead of them wants the same player, then Jerry has shown the ability in recent  years to do that – as he did in 2010 getting Dez and Sean Lee like that.

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