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Mailbag: Where's Ware Been The Last Two Games?



How serious is Demarcus Ware's injury? He sure doesn't seem to be a factor in games the past two weeks.

Nick: I think anything that is bothering your back and/or neck, it's probably pretty serious. You can't really function at anything in life – much less rush the passer – with a bad back. I admire the fact he keeps playing through it but you wonder just how much he can hold up. If Spencer was still playing, I could see them sitting him perhaps for a week.

Rowan: I think it's more like injuries, as in multiple. He had the stinger that was recurring, but the injury a week ago was a back strain. Ware rarely sits out, it's just when he plays hurt he doesn't usually complain about it, but it can show in his play. They need him desperately, and he hasn't seemed to play the last couple weeks the way he did in the preseason and training camp which got everyone so excited. I think the injuries are serious enough to hinder him considerably, but not serious enough for him to sit out. The problem is the Cowboys can't afford for him to take any drives off.


Do you think the Cowboys are better off without Miles Austin? I kind of like Beasley running the middle of the field.

Nick: No, I think they're better with Miles Austin. I think Beasley is better than Dwayne Harris and more valuable. But when Austin returns, I see him taking some of Harris' reps. This guy might not be worth the $9 million or so he gets, but he's a good player when he's healthy.


Rowan: Nope. Before Terrance Williams' huge day against the Broncos, most people were talking about how much Austin was missed during the Chargers game. Austin may not be as explosive as he once was, but he's still valuable in what he does. I also am a huge advocate of getting Beasley on the field, though. I think the Cowboys need to find the right mix to get Williams matched up deep, Austin matched up on skinny posts and slants and Beasley working the quick slants and outs in the slot. Beasley needs to find a way on the field in short yardage situations more often. If that means going empty occasionally the way they did against the Broncos, then so be it.

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