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Mailbag: Which corner should be re-signed?


With both Stephon Gilmore and Jourdan Lewis being free agents, which of those two cornerbacks would you prefer the Cowboys re-sign? Gilmore is larger and has had the more decorated career, but Lewis is five years younger and has been a solid contributor throughout his time in Dallas. Who makes more sense to keep? – Donovan McDonald/Atlanta, GA

Nick Eatman: I don't think he has to be one or the other, and it doesn't have to be either as well. I would think the Cowboys would want more depth at cornerback than just having Bland and Diggs, who is coming off an ACL injury. Last year, they went out and got Gilmore in a trade and so it makes sense to get another veteran like that. Gilmore might not demand a huge deal considering his age and injury that will limit him most of the offseason. Lewis showed last year that he's still got plenty of value. So if I had to sign just one, I'd say probably Lewis but I might actually look into a move like last year and trade next year's pick for a veteran who can help immediately. 

Patrik: I honestly see no reason why both can't return, to be honest. Neither will be anywhere near a market-setter and both have proven their ability to play at a very high level in their respective roles. For Lewis, who has long been the definitive ballhawking nickel corner in the pre-DaRon Bland era, and who fought back from a career-threatening foot injury to again impact games in a major way — while also being on the team's Leadership Council and constantly mentoring Bland and others — Lewis is a glue guy and an immensely talented starter, at best, and bulletproof depth piece, at worst. Gilmore helped Lewis and Bland save the day when Trevon Diggs tore his ACL, and the veteran should be ready for the start of the 2024 season after playing through a torn labrum to try and will the Cowboys to victory in the playoffs; also a mentor for entire group of DBs in Dallas (and all on a one-year deal). I say bring them both back into the mix, because their skill set, and for the money, is hard to find in this league. Plus, we were robbed of the Gilmore-Diggs-Bland-Lewis faction in 2023, now weren't we?

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