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Mailbag: Which Draft Pick Will Be Most Exciting To Watch?



Which draft pick are you most excited to see on the field?

Nick: Well, that's a good question. I've said players who I think have the most value – Randle. And the player who has the most pressure on him – Frederick. But the guy I'm excited to see is probably J.J. Wilcox. Here's a guy who played just one year at safety but the scouts are just raving about him. And the TV announcers – the same guys you've allowed to scare you to death about Frederick and Escobar, are saying how great Wilcox will be. So I'm interested to see how he fares once he's here.  

Rowan: The most interested I'd be to see is probably Travis Frederick, only because of the expectations placed on him by getting selected in the first round. He has to be more than just a decent player to warrant that selection, and it'll be interesting to see if the line comes into form with him there. But as far as excitement goes, I'd say Terrance Williams. He should provide some electrifying plays with Dez Bryant and Miles Austin drawing attention.


Why do the Cowboys continue to use second round picks on tight ends that never even have the opportunity to contribute with Witten the field? First it was Anthony Fasano, then Martellus Bennett, now Escobar. Seems to me the lesson should have been learned by now.

Nick: I agree. It's the biggest head-scratching move of the draft. We've seen and heard this before. I don't know what's going to be different. I honestly think Fasano and Bennett got judged unfairly because this team and offense didn't commit to a two-tight end look that often. So if this changes, I think it'll have to change from within. Maybe the timing is better for Witten, who is over 30. But coming off his best season of his career, I just think Witten will remain the focus and the Cowboys will try and spread the ball around to Dez and Miles and now Terrance Williams. So that's something to keep an eye on.

Rowan:The Cowboys seemed to value a playmaking backup tight end over a defensive tackle that could potentially jump in immediately or a guard to compete for a starting spot. Because of what you mentioned with past tight ends and the player ahead of him on the depth chart, it seemed pretty early to grab him. It's not like Fasano and Bennett were bad players, but they could never reach their potential in Dallas. If Jason Garrett sticks to two- and three-tight end sets the way he says he will, that means less snaps for [embedded_ad] Terrance Williams by association. One thing it tells you is this group must have really valued Escobar, who needs to make a difference in the red zone to warrant the pick.

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