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Mailbag: Which Offseason Move Helped The Most?


With what we have seen through the first four games, looking back now what do you consider the best offseason move? Coaching changes, player additions, draft, or something else?

Rowan: I'm tempted to say one of the coordinators,  but I'm going to go with the addition of Rolando McClain. They got a player for as little as a seventh-round pick and at most a sixth-round pick who's completely changed the outlook of the defense. Any time he's on the field, the physicality of the entire defense is different. They got McClain for next to nothing, and missing a season hasn't stopped him from being the most talented linebacker on the field.

David: I've got no issue with Rowan saying McClain, and I considered him myself. I'm going to go with Zack Martin, though. It's not like the rookie has completely dominated to this point – he's had plenty of growing pains so far. He has still helped transform the offensive line into the dominant unit we've seen this season. DeMarco Murray is averaging 40 more yards per game than any of his competitors, and the Cowboys' ground game is helping its defense immensely. It's not all Martin, obviously, but it certainly looks like a shrewd draft pick so far.

This team seems relatively healthy and refreshed. Could that be a reason for the good start compared to the injury-filled previous seasons under this coaching staff?

Rowan:It definitely helps, but I don't think it's the main reason. Looking back in past years, a lot of the injuries they sustained happened late in the season. They weren't starting those years 3-1. It could be part of the reason, but keep in mind the Cowboys lost Sean Lee to start the year and Tony Romo didn't really look himself [embedded_ad] until the end of Week 3. I give most of the credit to the offensive line, DeMarco Murray, the coordinators and Rolando McClain.

David: Right now, the injury report looks downright peachy. But this still looks like it's going to be the third time in five weeks the Cowboys will be without one of their starting linebackers. Bruce Carter looks like he's going to miss, which follows up missed games by Justin Durant and Rolando McClain. That doesn't even include the Lee injury, which Rowan mentioned. It's also worth noting that Morris Claiborne, while disappointing, is not a guy you'd prefer to lose for an entire season. This team, like all teams, is still going to have to cope with injury problems. I honestly just think they're playing better.

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