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Mailbag: Which Positions Go Long On The Final Roster?



With the amount of players the Cowboys now have at defensive line and linebacker, do you see them going long there and if so, what position would they likely go short on with the final roster?

Rowan: Stephen Jones has already said the Cowboys will likely go long on the defensive line this year. They don't want a repeat of last year, and if there's any position they can't lack defensively, it's linemen. I expect they have a lot more defensive than offensive players. They could go short on the offensive line, at running back or tight end. They could also go short at corner, though I doubt they'd want to risk that.

David: There are a few spots I can envision them going long with, and defensive line and linebacker are definitely among them. One big variable is Kyle Orton – I'm not sure the Cowboys would feel comfortable carrying just two quarterbacks if he does in fact decide to retire. Aside from that, I don't get the impression this roster is going to have five tight ends, as it did last year, when the final cuts are made. Same goes for last year's running back tally of four.



If Anthony Spencer is not going to be ready by Week 1 or 2, why not put him on the Physically Unable To Perform list? This will save a spot on the roster for some one that can play.

Rowan: I think that's a likely scenario at this point. There's no point in rushing that move, though, if he believes he may be able to contribute by the end of training camp. So waiting and seeing how he responds to treatment and rehab might be the right route to go, but if nothing else changes, I'd expect him to start the year on PUP.

David: I'm not going to be the least bit surprised when that's exactly what happens with Spencer by the end of training camp. I don't have a lot of confidence he's going to be ready for the start of the season, and this defensive line can't afford to spend a spot on someone who isn't available. They could place him on the PUP to make room for one of the less-established linemen with the team right now.

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