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Mailbag: Which Positions Have The Best Competition?


If Anthony Spencer is unable to get healthy by Week 1, who steps in as the starter? Tyrone Crawford? Someone else?

Nick: Don't count on Spencer being ready for that game. So yeah, a combination of George Selvie, Jeremy Mincey and DeMarcus Lawrence. Crawford is probably going to start out playing inside. The idea is to get a lot of players and just have a healthy rotation. Key word being healthy.

David: If Spencer isn't ready, which is what I'm expecting to happen, I think you'll see George Selvie as the starting left end and a rotation of Mincey and Lawrence on the right side to start with. Like Nick said, though, the plan is to rotate everyone a lot, assuming they have the bodies to do so.

Looking at the draft and layout of the team, it appears there will be some good competition. Which veterans do you see as being on the outside-looking-in?

Nick:I don't think anyone is really safe on the defensive line. They probably won't part ways with Melton, but after that, who knows. That whole group has to play well or they could be out the door. At [embedded_ad] linebacker, it'll be interesting to see what happens there. Bruce Carter and Justin Durant need to bring their A-game to camp or someone like Wilber and/or Holloman could unseat them.

David: The drafting of Devin Street looks like a warning to both Cole Beasley and Dwayne Harris. If either of them wants to keep the rookie out of the starting slot position, I think they'll need to show out extremely well in camp. It seems like a given that one of the duo of Ronald Leary or Mackenzy Bernadeau is going to get replaced by Zack Martin. The process of finding out which one sits and which one starts will probably begin next week.

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