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Mailbag: Which Safety Will Start Alongside Church?


Who is most likely to win a starting safety position, Matt Johnson, Will Allen, or J.J. Wilcox?

Bryan: Right now it's Allen's job to lose but Johnson has not made any huge mistakes in run support or in coverage but of all three of these players listed, Wilcox has made the most plays on the ball and has put himself in position to make plays. He has shown up better without pads than I thought he would so when we put the pads on in Oxnard, this is really going to show what he is made of. This will be an outstanding battle to see who wins that spot opposite Barry Church.

Rowan: Obviously, only training camp can determine this, and it'll be one of, if not the most, talked about positions in Oxnard. Wilcox would have to make tremendous strides to beat out both Allen and Johnson as a rookie. Allen and Johnson have received most of the first-team reps alongside Barry Church. It wouldn't at all be surprising to see Allen, the veteran of the group, out there in Week 1. But I'll venture a guess and go with Johnson, who the Cowboys have kept around for a reason. It'll all play out in a month when the pads come on.

What are the chances Terrance Williams can start on the outside WR spot so Miles Austin can get back into the slot where he had the most success?

Bryan:From what we have seen during OTA and mini-camp practices, Williams is already getting work as the third receiver and Miles is working out of the slot. If you are asking if Williams can beat out Austin for the starting spot opposite of Bryant, I don't believe that is going to happen this rookie season for Williams. The coaches have shown a great deal of faith in Williams by the amount of reps they have given him over Harris. What will be interesting is when we start to play pre-season games and if Williams hits that rookie wall [embedded_ad] where they are not as productive in practice and their play struggles, how will he fight through it.

Rowan: I think that's what you'll see the majority of the time Williams is on the field as the third threat. It's tough to expect a whole lot from rookie receivers, but when Williams has been on the field, he's lined up on the outside. He has more of a knack for the position at that spot, which allows Austin to comfortably line up in the slot.

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