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Mailbag: Which Upcoming Game Is Most Likely A Win?


Hey guys, of these last four games, which seems the likeliest to bring the Cowboys a win?

Nick: Nick: That's tough to answer because I don't think it's as simple as matchups. Where the Cowboys rank in the playoff picture could factor in here. But I think New Orleans at home is probably the most likely game the Cowboys will win. After that, I'd say Washington on the road.

Rowan: I'm tempted to say this weekend's game against the Bengals, but I'm going to say the Saints game in a few weeks. It's difficult to be confident against any of the four remaining teams on the schedule, which could all go either way. The Saints' offense is capable of staying in any game, but Romo could take full advantage of the New Orleans defense.


What happened to Ronald Leary? Any insights into how he was progressing? Jerry Jones seemed very excited about him in the offseason.

Nick: Yeah I think we're all a little surprised on that one. Seems like the Cowboys just over-evaluated him from the start because they guaranteed half of his roster to make sure they signed him. Looking back, the Cowboys probably under-estimated how tough it might be for him to transition from tackle to guard. Knees seem fine because he practices every day. I think it's just trying to adjust to the position.

Rowan: It's interesting his name rarely gets brought up considering the problems this team's faced on the offensive line. Right now, I think most of the focus is at right tackle and getting Jermey Parnell more involved. Where Leary helps most is at guard. If they felt he was ready, I'm sure he'd be creating more buzz and competing for an active spot. But as it stands, I don't see him being in the mix, barring a complete collapse.

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