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Mailbag: Who Do We Blame For All These Untimely Injuries?


Is the strength and conditioning staff to blame for all these untimely injuries?

Rowan: Go across the league and check out their injury reports, and I'm sure all fans have the same worries. At this point in the season before cuts are made, the rosters are jam-packed and more players will be hurt. For the Cowboys, not many of those injuries are season-ending. Mike Woicik's been doing his job for many, many years with six Super Bowl rings to show.

Josh: No. No one is to blame. These things are dumb luck. As Rowan mentioned, Mike Woicik is one of the best, most decorated strength coaches in the league. And I think one of the reason it seems like the Cowboys have so many injuries is because of how cautious they're being. Seriously, if a game was today, I'm betting Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, DeMarcus Ware and Phil Costa all play. Jason Witten rupturing his spleen is nobody's fault. Injuries are just a part of the game.


At this point, is there any way Cole Beasley does not make the 53?

Rowan: There's always a way an undrafted free agent rookie doesn't make the final cuts. But I don't see that happening with Beasley. He's done enough consistently throughout training camp practices, and now in a preseason game against the Chargers, that he's made it difficult for the Cowboys to pass on him.

Josh: So long as he doesn't unexpectedly go backwards from here, no I don't see him failing to make the team. I would like to see what, if anything, he can add in special teams coverage, another way he can help, but I can't imagine the Cowboys leaving him off of their 53-man roster at this point. They may have to go extra long at receiver.

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