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Mailbag: Why Has The Draft Emphasis Shifted To Safety?


Why does it seem like expert analysis has suddenly shifted to the thought that the Cowboys should take a safety first round. Are people really forgetting how bad the offensive line was last year?

Rowan: I think cutting Gerald Sensabaugh really shook things up. He would have been penciled in as a starter, and that way the Cowboys would only have needed one of the three other safeties – Barry Church, Matt Johnson or Will Allen – to earn the second spot. Now they need two of those guys to start immediately unless someone's drafted. I'm with you, though. There's a reason after almost every game last season the offensive line's struggles came to the forefront of conversation, and that needs to be addressed.

Nick: It's probably because if you think about potential starters in Week 1 – I'm sure there would be more concern about Matt Johnson starting than Nate Livings or Mackenzy Bernadeau. So it comes down to the greater need of getting a safety. Still, I'm not saying I disagree with you. I would take an offensive linemen in the first round. I think safety is needed but the right guy. And I don't think Vaccaro is the right guy.

Don't you guys think drafting a guy like Tavon Austin could help the OL? He could really open up the playbook (quick passes, handoffs from the backfield, etc) and make the defenses think twice about blitzing.

Rowan:It's an interesting thought. Quick passes would undoubtedly be utilized more, although they've

tried to do that the last few years with Dez Bryant and Miles Austin anyway. It probably could help out on a few more plays, but that won't change anything regarding run blocking. Having Austin would certainly help out the line. It just doesn't fix the problem.

Nick: I see your point. But on third-and-2 from the 8, does Austin help you? It goes back to Jerry's point about having Romo and his ability to move in the pocket makes it easier to have a line that isn't so great. Well, tell that to DeMarco Murray? He actually needs some help up front. I think Tavon Austin is dynamic and would be a fun player to have on your team – IF – you don't have other glaring needs.

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