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Mailbag: Why Hasn't Cole Beasley Been Involved On Offense?


Are we just expecting too much from this team and Jason Garrett? I just don't think we have enough talent on this team to be up there with the elite clubs.

Nick: I don't know who's expecting what or what the consensus expectations are. To me, I have this team at 9-7 and they're going to have to do some work to get there. But to say they're an average team is probably pretty accurate when  it's all said and done. That game we saw Sunday, unfortunately, is something we've seen too many times around here in recent years.

Johnny: Talent-wise I think it is fair to say this team has elite potential. But that doesn't mean they are on the same level as the best in the NFL. The problem with this team is that so many things have to go right for the Cowboys to play at their highest level. Trying to get everyone playing well at the same time feels like a balancing act. Consistency from the most talented players is an expectation for the "elite" teams.


Why haven't we seen Cole Beasley during this regular season? He's quick and can pick up some much needed yards and get the first downs we need to stay alive.

Nick: I can't argue about this one. I don't know how great he'd be out there – but can he be worse than getting two false start penalties, dropping a touchdown pass late in the game and having zero catches? He can't be that much worse than Ogletree. He's smaller, but probably quicker and I'm guessing would be faster at the end of the game in a hurry-up offense, too.

Johnny:If inserting a quick and crafty receiver could solve the problems that the Cowboys offense have faced it would have been tried by now. That's not to say that Beasley doesn't have it in him to provide some sort of spark. But the passing game will flourish when the offensive line performs and defenses respect the running game. Both of these things improved against Baltimore and it showed. It's easy to suggest giving another receiver playing time, but there are more subtle things that improve the passing game.  

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