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Mailbag: Why no moves at the trade deadline?


I get that you don't want to mortgage your future, but the Cowboys are ready to contend for a Super Bowl right now. So why didn't they go all-in and make any moves at the trade deadline? Especially considering they need help in certain areas, particularly along the offensive line. – Rich Rodriguez/Oklahoma City, OK

*Nick Harris: *From what Jerry Jones had communicated leading up to the deadline and now afterward, he feels confident with the roster that's currently assembled in Dallas. Paired with that is the fact that the Cowboys' don't have a ton of draft capital that they can be flexible with in potential deals (no 3rd, 4th, 5th round picks in 2024), and it makes sense from their perspective why no deals were done. Am I happy about it? Not particularly. Added depth in certain position groups definitely could have been helpful, especially when you look around the NFC and see everyone else loading up. And I'm with you in believing the time to go get a Super Bowl is now, but the front office decided to stay quiet.

Mickey:First of all, it takes two to tango, right. Sure, you'd love to add a veteran offensive lineman, specifically a tackle, but not sure many if any teams have excess on the offensive line they can trade one away. Most teams hardly have enough quality starters let alone two to three quality backups. Secondly, you must have draft capital to make trades, and the Cowboys parted with a lot making recent trades. Also, a lot of these guys being traded are on the final years of their contracts, so you also must have future cap room to re-sign these guys before making trades. This stuff is not fantasy football, you know.

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