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Mailbag: Why Not Add More Depth At Linebacker?


Adding a veteran linebacker could really provide us with the depth we need at the position. I know everyone is excited about Jabril Cox, but why not consider bringing in Anthony Hitchens or Anthony Barr to solidify the group (especially considering Leighton Vander Esch's history with injuries) if the price is right? – KENNETH MUNDY / NAPLES, FL

Kyle: I think this option is still very much so on the table. Think back to last season, when the team was headed to Oxnard, and we were asking the same questions. Why is there so much cap space, and why haven't they really upgraded the secondary? Then after a few days on the West Coast, Malik Hooker was added to the roster. I think something like that could happen again with the linebackers. It just doesn't seem likely that they'd go into the regular season with just Parsons, Vander Esch, Cox, and Gifford as their only healthy returners. Adding a veteran to the mix seems like a perfect fix.

Nick: I get the sense Anthony Barr is still on the table, but I see him more as a pass-rusher. And after the offseason we've seen from Sam Williams, I think the Cowboys will continue to see what he's got in training camp. Nothing is off limits right now and linebacker depth is still rather thin. But the last thing they want is to get a progress-stopper and someone that might prevent a young player from developing. I don't see this as a major issue right now, but something to monitor for sure.

Do you have any indication yet how much influence Mike McCarthy will have on the offense this year? I'm wondering if we'll see more West Coast offense concepts to help Dak get the ball to his playmakers quicker. I think this would be especially good for CeeDee since he was considered a big yards-after-catch guy coming into the league. – DON BEAVER / HATFIELD, PA

Kyle: It's safe to say that McCarthy always has a fair level of influence on this offense. Especially in a year like this where Kellen Moore has much to prove, so does McCarthy in several ways. There's a little smoke to the West Coast concept as both Tony Pollard and CeeDee Lamb have talked about it this offseason. Adding James Washington and Noah Brown into the underneath game could help as well while Jalen Tolbert and Michael Gallup (when healthy) could handle the deep ball. Prescott set a career-high in completions last season (410), but he could shatter that if they keep his throws underneath.

Nick: From my understanding, it's still going to be mostly Kellen Moore's offense. Yes, McCarthy has experience with the offense and will always have strong input. But I think they've tweaked a few things here and there and have added some coaches to the mix. I think getting the ball to Pollard more will be a key, as well as making sure CeeDee Lamb has plenty of touches. But overall, I think it's something Kellen Moore will have to figure out, especially during the week when they game plan for the next game.

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