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Mailbag: Why not build off recent success?


No money spent in free agency, no extension for Dak Prescott imminent, the coaching staff in the last year of their contracts and on and on. Why aren't the Cowboys trying to build off three straight 12-win seasons instead of seemingly trying to tear things down? As a fan, it's frustrating to watch. – Mitchell Roberts/Dallas, TX

Nick Eatman:I think you're forgetting something about the "building" process. And no one wants to hear this but they've been building this for 3-4 years. It's been built. The problem is, they didn't win. And now they're having to pay for the "building" that they have done. The money is gone to do anything else and now they're gonna have to rely on their draft picks to develop and soften the blow from what they've lost. If the Cowboys were in a position to truly build and add to this, they would. But the salary cap is a real thing and they're up against it this year and next. 

Mickey Spagnola: The Cowboys are not trying to tear things down, and if you had been reading my recent columns, you would get a better understanding of how they certainly went "all-in" last year doing everything they could to put a championship team together, and did go 12-5 again, did win the NFC East again for the second time in three season, but unfortunately didn't win that playoff game or two, and now they are paying the price having spent draft choices in trades and future salary cap funds designated for this season. Just remember, the salary cap is real, there is no fudging, and it will be real again in 2025. They are budgeting so they can keep the likes of Dak, CeeDee and Micah for years to come. And Mitchell, not sure what you do for a living, but there is a lot of folks out there whose jobs are day to day, with not even a one-year contract, and bet they work their tails off.

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