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Mailbag: Why not more recognition for Lamb?


After extending his touchdown streak to six games on Sunday, I noticed that CeeDee Lamb is currently the only wide receiver in the NFL with more than 100 catches and at least 10 rushes. So why doesn't he seem to get the same recognition as those like Tyreek Hill, A.J. Brown and Justin Jefferson? Few are doing what he's doing. Is he not flashy enough? Seriously, where would this team be without him? – Frank Jones/Oklahoma City, OK

Mickey: They sure wouldn't be where they are right now without their No. 1 receiver. Remember, he was voted to the Pro Bowl last year, so someone was noticing what he is doing. Not to worry about what the national media does or doesn't do. Opposing defensive coordinators understand what CeeDee can do and is doing by sending so many double teams at him. You rarely see a corner traveling with him. And what they fear most is his ability to turn into a running back after the catch. That is recognition enough. And all that counts for CeeDee is for the Cowboys to recognize his talent with that upcoming long-term contract. Remember what head coach Mike McCarthy said out him, "He will be with the Cowboys for a long time." 'Nough said.

Nick Harris: I would make the argument that he is picking up the respect he deserves a little bit more with each week that passes. In the past, it was probably more of an issue of consistency and stacking solid performances together that kept him out of the first tier of receiver talent, but that consistency has not only been present this season, but it's also been amplified to help power the offense. Lamb will pick up more attention as the season goes on at this pace.

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