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Mailbag: Why Not Move Zack Martin To Tackle? 


With the injury to Tyron Smith, is it possible the team rolls out this lineup in Week 1: LT Terence Steele, LG Tyler Smith, C Tyler Biadasz, RG Connor McGovern, RT Zack Martin? — CHAD K / CHARLTON, MA

Nick: I think Zack Martin sounded pretty clear last season when he said he's a "right guard." Sure, he's a team player and all, but my thinking is... I need someone to be outstanding at their spot. Yes, Zack Martin is GOAT status – at guard. But I wonder if he's going to be just really good at tackle, or All-World like he is at guard. Yes, Larry Allen moved from guard to tackle – but he also moved back to guard for the rest of his career. Let me leave Zack where he is, so he can help both players that line up next to him. I think it's a last-second option in the middle of a game, but I think it's important to keep the middle of the pocket clean for the quarterback as well.

Rob: I can't see the team moving Martin off right guard unless Steele happened to get injured at some point, too. Now, maybe they'll consider moving Steele to left tackle, where he made six starts last year, and try Tyler Smith at right tackle. I would try to keep the majority of the lineup the same. Keep McGovern at left guard, start giving Tyler Smith reps at left tackle again once he's back from this minor ankle issue, and go find a veteran tackle to compete with him on the left side (and provide depth, at the very least). They drafted Tyler Smith to be the future left tackle but wanted him to focus on guard first. Well, now it's time to reassess.

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