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Mailbag: Why Not Redo Amari's Deal Like Browns? 


I see that the Cleveland Browns have restructured Amari Cooper's contract. Is there a reason the Cowboys could not have done the same and retained their receiver trio? — KENNETH M. / AUBURN, AL

Nick: I'm sure there are reasons. And I doubt that we've heard all of them at this point. Yes, the Cowboys could've done the same thing. And it sounded like Cooper wanted that to happen. But this isn't just a 2022 thing. The Cowboys had to look down the road and see that CeeDee's contract will be coming up at some point. They could probably pick up the option and keep him around through 2025. But either way, the Cowboys decided to move on from Amari and invest more in Gallup and then CeeDee down the road. But to answer your last question, I don't think they wanted to keep them as a trio, especially for the price to do it.

Rob: They absolutely could have. They just didn't want to push any money on Amari Cooper's deal into future years. (They didn't restructure his contract last year, either, which made a trade easier to do on this year's salary cap.) It obviously leaves a sizable gap in talent and production. But in their mind, based on what Jerry Jones told reporters this week in Florida, it wasn't enough production to justify that cap number, this year or in the future. Time will tell whether this decision works out. I doubt they're done addressing the position, though.

Is Jordan Davis the type of one-technique defensive tackle that you believe would be worth trading up to draft? Let's say, trading up 10 spots? — MARK MUMFORD / WILMINGTON, DE

Nick: Let me start by saying this – Jordan Davis would've gotten my Heisman vote – if I had one. I don't cover college football for a living, but I watch enough football to know that the best player on the best defense should be considered, especially last year when no one really stood out until the end. But Davis stands out all the time – naturally. As for the Cowboys taking him, yes I'd do if he fell to them at No. 24. But I'm not trading up for him or anyone for that matter. They need good players and need all their picks. So he'd be in play for me if he falls to that spot. But even then, I don't know if the Cowboys would do it. It's not a position they typically go for early in the draft.

Rob: Davis is an outstanding player and obviously will help any team's run defense, an area the Cowboys still need to continue improving. Trading up 10 spots? In my opinion, no. Not based on what they've done in free agency so far. They've filled some holes with money saved on parting ways with Amari Cooper and Randy Gregory, but it's been clear from the start that they're looking to the draft to replenish talent on the roster. Can't do that if you're giving up picks to move up.

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