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Mailbag: Why not rest Parsons more in blowout?


Great win, but why did the coaching staff allow Micah Parsons to continue to play in a game that the Cowboys clearly had won, risking further injury to his ankle/knee? – Herbert Jannsen/Walnut Creek, CA

Nick Eatman: If he was hurt or risking further injury he would not have been back out there. He got banged up. They checked it out. He returned to the field. No one wants to be on the field more than him and apparently he was fine.

Kurt:  I found myself asking this same question. It's late in the third quarter, the Cowboys are up by 28 and New England has their backup quarterback behind center, more or less throwing in the towel. The outcome is decided, yet Parsons is still in the game. And this after missing time in the first half with that ankle/knee issue. We all remember last year when Parsons had 12 sacks in the first 11 games and then 2.5 in the final eight, including the playoffs. Even he admitted he was worn out by the end of the season. So when you have the opportunity to give him some rest, why not take advantage of it? Zack Martin, who has been banged up himself, saw his day end early. After three weeks of heavy usage, Tony Pollard was given a little extra break. So why subject Parsons to needless wear and tear with such a long season still ahead? I realize he is never going to willingly come out, not as competitive as he is. That's part of what makes him great. Maybe there is more to it, but this is where I would think the coaches have to see the big picture (like facing the Eagles, Bills, Dolphins and Lions in December) and protect the player from himself.

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