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Mailbag: Why the wait with signing players?


Why the hesitancy from the Cowboys in negotiating new contracts with their star players? Is the team trying to play hardball by waiting to extend them? When they wait, they only end up paying more due to other players at the same position groups resetting the market. Doesn't sound like the best strategy, yet we continue to see this approach from the Cowboys year after year. – Dave Smith/Livermore, CA

Nick Harris: I don't think there's an encompassing strategy when it comes to extending star players. It's more of a case-by-case basis. I think if you asked the front office, it would like to get them done as soon as possible to better foresee what the cap budget will look like in future years. But in Dak's case or CeeDee's case, waiting and not pressing the issue only benefits where they stand. Offers have been discussed, numbers have been thrown out, and the two sides have just yet to find a middle ground. It'll come down to who gives in first, and as it's played out in recent years, that only benefits the player.

Mickey: Not sure the Cowboys are playing hardball. Maybe not acquiescing to what the demands are from, and I'm guessing you are referring to what CeeDee Lamb, what his reps are asking for. They likely are trying to reset market value for wide receivers, currently set by Tyreek Hill's $30 million a year average, with $52 million guaranteed. There is a natural holdup here, since Minnesota wideout Justin Jefferson is in the same boat, and agents in these situations are hesitant to be the first one to sign since the other guy might sign for more afterward. And at this point Lambs' reps probably are asking for the world, hoping the Cowboys will cave, and that is their job. So, these negotiations are complicated, especially since every million against the salary cap is so important, today and five years from now.

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