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Mailbag: Will Carr Line Up Against Megatron All Game?


Do you think Brandon Carr will be the one to cover Megatron? Or do you think we should double him?

David: My guess is you see a mixture of everything the Cowboys can think of. Carr will probably get some opportunities to handle him one-on-one, especially as he's the Cowboys' biggest cornerback. But I think it would be silly not to ask the safeties to help out with bracket coverage when they can spare it. I feel like this is a situation where Dallas needs its linebackers to do all they can to slow down Reggie Bush, so the secondary can worry about Megatron without any distractions.

Rowan: Yes, and yes. I don't think that's an either/or. The Cowboys have used Carr in that role matching up with a receiver all game, but they'll also need to utilize a safety over the top. Jason Garrett was talking earlier this week about how sometimes when one player shadows a receiver all game, it tips off to the offense that it's man defense. It has to be a really special receiver on the other side, and Johnson's as special as it gets in the NFL. I do expect Carr to be matched up with Johnson most of the game, but I also expect a safety to be on top of Megatron's deep passes all game. Nate Burleson was a really valuable No. 2 threat, but with him out, Johnson far exceeds the other Lions targets.

I have not heard a lot about Lance Dunbar how is he doing and are we going to see him soon? Do you think his speed in the running game could help open up the passing game more?

David:Jerry Jones said Tuesday morning that Dunbar is going to play this weekend against the Lions. I'm a big fan of Dunbar's skillset, and I think he could be a valuable addition the short range passing game. But with this running back corps, I've [embedded_ad] adopted the mentality of "I'll believe it when I see it." For whatever reason, the coaching staff doesn't appear to be interested in spreading the wealth in the offensive backfield. Joseph Randle had a decent day against Philly, but that was more out of necessity than choice. On top of that, I have to assume Dunbar will take a week or two to get his legs back underneath him after a few weeks off.

Rowan: He started running some last week, and I'd expect him to be ready to go in a greater fashion this week. But that doesn't means he'll be used much. I think everyone who saw Dunbar in the preseason and training camp thought he'd be a vital part of not just the running game, but the passing game as well. He was so valuable as a receiver out of the backfield, and we just haven't seen it in games yet, due in part to him coughing up the ball. He's only had one reception this year, and that's really shocking to see. If Murray does come back this week, I can't say I expect Dunbar to play a big role in the offense. He could be a difference maker, but we just haven't seen him get that opportunity in games yet.

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