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Mailbag: Will Harris, Beasley Still Get Enough Playing Time?



Do you think that Cole Beasley and Dwayne Harris will still get a decent amount of playing time after Dallas drafted Terrance Williams?

Bryan: When these OTAs started it was Harris that was getting the reps with the ones when they went to their three wide packages. On the practice we were able to observe on Tuesday, the coaches put Williams in the mix for Harris when they went to the two minute drill and Williams responded well. I believe that Harris and Beasley will still continue to get opportunities because they have skill sets that can cause mismatch problems for defensive coordinators. Both really can catch the ball well inside and can make plays in the open field on key downs.

Rowan: Both players first must focus on making the team. Usually in training camp, one or two receivers will stand out that weren't on the radar quite as much during Organized Team Activities early in the season. I suspect both Beasley and Harris will make the squad, and if they do, Harris should still compete for time on the outside. Beasley will probably be used similarly as a slot threat when the Cowboys spread it out.


Through all the news we've been hearing with OTA injuries, the one name I haven't heard there or anywhere else is Miles Austin. Given the fact that he's had so many problems in the past (hamstrings), is it safe to assume that no news is good news?

Bryan: The scout in me tends to always expect so much from Miles because I have seen him make explosive plays down the field but these hamstring problems appear to have robbed him some of that. As much as he wants to put that injury history behind him, he can't because he knows that it can hit him at any time, workout, practice or a game. In talking to members of the medical staff, Austin now has a much better understanding of ways he can prepare and attempt to prevent some of the issues that he has had to deal with in the past but it's a condition that he is going to have to live with now his entire career.  


Rowan: For the most part, no news is good news for him, at least this early in the season. Austin's been in the system a while and has a good grasp on it, so if he's staying out of the news, that usually means he's going about his business and staying as healthy as possible. The Cowboys will probably be cautious with how they use him, particularly during OTAs and the early part of camp. If he's healthy, that could be a major factor for the passing game, even if Williams demonstrates what the Cowboys hope he can.

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