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Mailbag: Will New Voices Help The O-Line?


I saw this coming with changing the offensive line coach. They did not look comfortable. My question is, what was the difference in each coach's blocking scheme and why was it not working with Paul Alexander? How will Hudson Houck help, what scheme does Marc Colombo bring to the table, and do you think this is the correct move? - BARRY HIGH / SOUTH BEND, IN

Bryan: It's a move that had to be made in my opinion, but now it's on the line to play better. They've gotten two coaches fired the last two seasons and at some point they're going to need to look at themselves. Houck is an advisor with Colombo running the show. Can see him going back to a style that they used when he was coming up with Bill Callahan as a young coach.

Rob: Colombo has credibility with the players as a former starter, he's prepared, and he'll bring intensity to the job. Like Bryan said, my assumption is they'll go back to more of the previous philosophy under him. Houck, who coached Colombo for three years, is here to provide input. The line has played much better at home than the road, so again, they've still got to figure out why.


Heard a lot over the summer that Chidobe Awuzie was the right fit for Kris Richard's system and I know he was dealing with a bit of an injury. With all the attention Byron Jones is getting on the other side, which is well deserved, I just wanted the professionals' opinion on Chido's performance so far? - ADAM SHILLING / LIMA, OH

Bryan: The injuries have robbed Awuzie the opportunity to be at his best. Felt like during this time he has played too cautiously and that has been his biggest issue. To his credit he has played banged up, but there clearly is a struggle there and hopefully the week off has helped him.

Rob: Awuzie only played 58 snaps the last three games due in large part to that ankle injury. The bye week likely helped him there. Before the injury I thought both corners, he and Jones, were solid on the outside. Awuzie gave up some really tough catches in the Detroit game. The organization believes he has a bright future.

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