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Mailbag: Will Penalties Continue To Be An Issue?


Is there light at the end of the tunnel with all these penalties? What if anything is being done to prevent the horror show of yellow flags we see on the field?

Rowan: Ryan Cook got thrown into the mix at center without more than a few days of practice as an offensive lineman in Dallas. Switching out a center can disrupt timing, forcing other offensive linemen to jump to make sure they're in position to block the star Giants pass rushers. That said, that can't be an excuse, and it certainly had no bearing on the holdings. We'll see if another week of offensive line continuity will keep yellow off the field.

Josh: You know, it was loud, they had a new center who probably wasn't totally comfortable with the cadence and New York has some great edge rushers that the Cowboys' linemen needed a head start to block, if they could get it. You don't like the holding penalties, but you can live with the false starts, so long as Tony Romo isn't getting killed anyway. He was sacked a couple times, but it wasn't by Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora. All in all, I think the line did OK.


I thought Bruce Carter had a good game Wednesday night. Do you think Carter and Sean Lee could be one of the best inside linebacker tandems in the entire league by year's end?

Rowan: The Cowboys have one of the most instinctual linebackers of the league in Lee. What Carter can provide is yet to be determined, but he was active and all over the field in the opener. They're already one of the most promising linebacker duos in the league, and could be toward the upper echelon of inside linebackers by the end of the year. But they'll have their work cut out to surpass the likes of the 49ers' Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman.

Josh: One of the better ones, sure. We all love Sean Lee's game, and Carter showed some great signs of things to come against the Giants. With some more playing time, he could become a real play-maker. That duo is a great reason to like this defense.

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