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Mailbag: Will Peters Be Better Matchup vs. Donald?


I know Connor McGovern returned last week vs Washington. But against the Rams this week, do you think the Cowboys will make an extra effort to have Jason Peters ready to help against Donald? He is a devastating inside rusher and in the past McGovern has struggled against stronger inside pass rushers. I would like to see what Peters could do vs. Donald. – MICHAEL GAGE

Nick: Honestly, I don't know that the Cowboys think Peters is a better guard than Connor McGovern. Truth be told, not sure they thought Tyler Smith was better because he never beat him out. Let's look at the facts surrounding Peters at this point. He was signed on Sept. 5 and it's now been a full month. He's practiced for over four weeks and played a few snaps in two games. All things considered, this is what a preseason and training camp should look like. So getting Peters ready to play full time should be something he could do by now. I would think if he's rotating by now, it's because the Cowboys want to limit his reps and still feel like it's a tough decision between the two players. Whoever is in the lineup wil have his hands full.

Patrik: I think the added problem for Connor McGovern is that he's fresh off of a high ankle sprain that could be impacting his ability to power off of his anchor so, yes, I'd have to believe the Cowboys understand this is less than ideal when trying to scheme against the monster that is Aaron Donald. I'd pit one future Hall of Famer against another in this matchup, and especially considering Peters should now be ready for most of the work at left guard after seeing his snap count increase in Week 4.

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