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Mailbag: Will The Cowboys Be Looking For Another Punter?


With our current punter struggling, are we looking to upgrade? Surely we can find somebody that won't shank two or three punts a game and put our defense in a bad situation.

Nick: I don't think we'll see a change this week. Moorman had a really bad game, but he's a 10-year veteran who has probably had a few bad games in the past and fought through it. Don't forget a couple of things. First, there really aren't any great punters on the streets. Kickers is a different story. Cincinnati found one this week. But it's really thin at punter. And also, Moorman is the backup to Chris Jones, who is on IR. You can make the argument the Cowboys should've put Jones on the reserve IR where he could've returned when healthy but I think we know now why this team liked Jones and wanted him to be the punter.  

Rowan: It was far from Brian Moorman's greatest performance in his career. I imagine much of that had to do with a desire to punt away from Pacman Jones, particularly because of what happened a week prior when Moorman outkicked his coverage, resulting in a punt return touchdown late against the Eagles. Keep in mind Moorman also holds on kicks, and unless the Cowboys want to use Tony Romo for that job, they'd need to bring in a punter who also holds. Dan Bailey's in a bit of a groove and he's already had to deal with multiple holders in his career.


Is it just me or has Anthony Spencer been the best player on this team since the loss on Sean Lee?

Nick: Agreed. Not only has been good, but really good in the fourth quarter. He's making clutch sacks in crucial moments, none bigger than the one he did Sunday to give the offense the ball back with enough time to win the game. This defense has been criticized in the past for failing in the fourth quarter but they've played good down the stretch and Spencer is a big reason for it.  

Rowan: I'd say Dez Bryant, Tony Romo or Jason Witten probably deserves that honor, but Spencer's been the best player on defense. He's earning whatever contract he gets next season and is showing up in crunch time late in games. There's a reason he earned the job as the primary defensive communicator, and the Cowboys need their outside linebacker to be a force the last few weeks of the season.

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