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Mailbag: Will The Cowboys Bring In Anyone Else's Cuts?

23 November 2017: Jaylon Smith (54) of the Dallas Cowboys during their NFL week 12 regular season 28-6 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Photo by James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys

At the beginning of training camp, I read lots of nice articles about Tyrone Crawford. I have not heard much about him since. Do you think he is still recovering from his injury or is this is all he will ever be?

Bryan: I have seen progress in the way Crawford is moving around. He seems more confident and sure in his ability to plant that foot in the ground and drive off it. When he has been asked to hold up at the point of attack he has been able to do that, as well. As the left defensive end you are not going to get many headlines rushing the passer in this scheme. If there is an area that I would like to see him improve in it would be with his pass rush moves. There have been too many snaps where if his technique was a little quicker and better he would have better results.

David: I'm not going to put a lot of stock in the preseason, but it's true that Crawford hasn't shown a lot to get excited about during these first three games. Truth be told, the Cowboys don't seem to have a single pass rusher who looks like a true difference-maker at this point in time. Perhaps once we get into some real games, where the defensive line has time to work together more cohesively, we will see Crawford and his cohorts put together a more impressive effort. San Francisco's fantastic offensive line looks awfully imposing right now.

Considering we are getting basically no pressure from any of ours DE's, do you see the Cowboy's bringing in Jackson Jeffcoat, or, if the rumors hold up, Michael Sam for looks? They can't be much worse than anything we can put on the field at this moment in time.

Bryan:If you were to ask me would I rather have Michael Sam or Jackson Jeffcoat on this team I would take Sam all day. Sam is an explosive player and Jeffcoat is not. I was on the record before the draft stating that exact point. I never was a fan of Jeffcoat and I believe these scouts [embedded_ad] feel the same way. I agree with you about the current state of these ends and if Sam is released then there needs to be a strong consideration to add him or any end that is released that can rush the passer.

David: I'm not going to be the least bit surprised if one of the defensive ends on the active roster is not a member of the Cowboys right now. Whether that means they sign a waived player, like a Jeffcoat or a Sam, or they trade for someone, like they did last year with Caesar Rayford, I'm not sure. I get the feeling the front office is going to be turning over every stone to find some production. We'll hear someone's name crop up, even if it isn't one of these two.

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