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Mailbag: Will The Shoulder Impact Dak?


Seeing as Dak's shoulder injury is making national news, do you think the Eagles may game plan around the idea that Dak will not be willing or able to make any mid-range or deeper throws, and perhaps stack the box against the run as a result? Here's to hoping Dak will be able to sling it without much practice time and keep their DBs honest on Sunday. Thanks everyone, and happy holidays! - DAVID CAUGHRAN / CHARLESTON, SC

Rob: Prescott says he'll be good to go, so I think he and the team are pretty confident he'll be able to make the throws he needs to in the game. The biggest thing with this type of injury is rest, and that's why they've limited his throwing so far this week. You question is well taken, though, because as much success as Zeke Elliott has had against the Eagles – averaging 115 yards in 5 games – you can't win games relying solely on the run.

David:I would absolutely assume the Eagles are going to do that. They won't win this game if the Cowboys can run at will, so I expect them to gear up on the run game and force Dak to prove he's not limited by the injury. To your point, Dak made quite a few solid throws after the injury last week, so I think he's up to the challenge. But the Cowboys' success on offense probably hinges on his ability to hit on some intermediate and long range throws.

With this season about wrapped, and other than Tony Pollard who hasn't been a huge factor the entire season, how do you feel about this past offseason draft? Boom or bust, and you see anyone stepping up next season as more of a contributor? - PETER BEALS / MECHANICSVILLE, VA

Rob: I think you have to include Amari Cooper in this discussion. The Cowboys got 1,000-yard receiver with the first-round pick they would have used in April. It's been a difficult transition for second-round pick Trysten Hill, and third-rounder Connor McGovern has spent the year on injured reserve. Had he been healthy, maybe McGovern would have been an option at left guard after Connor Williams got hurt. The organization absolutely loves Pollard's potential as a complement to Elliott, though, and the goal is Hill becomes a stronger and more consistent player next year.

David:It's too soon to call this draft a bust, but it has certainly been a disappointment. Out of eight players, Pollard is the only guy who has made an impact on the season. But let's see what 2020 holds in store. Connor McGovern will be healthy and should be able to compete for a place on the offensive line. Trysten Hill will have an offseason to develop into a more consistent player. We'll also see what the late-round guys like Donovan Wilson and Joe Jackson can do with another year to improve. And then there's Amari Cooper, who isn't part of the draft class but will always be tied to it. When the Cowboys sign him to a long-term contract, it'll lessen the sting of a disappointing class.

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