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Mailbag: Will we see Prescott run more now?


Rookie Dak Prescott didn't mind running and moving around more to generate offense. Do you think Monday night's victory might mean that we could see more of that from Dak? Or do you think we will only get a more run-willing Dak when strictly needed? Why? – Thomas Narro/Arlington, MA

Nick Harris: Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer said on Monday that they used Dak's legs more than usual on Monday night, and I expect this offense to resort back to "usual" out if the bye week. Keeping Dak healthy only increases in importance with each game that passes and him not running as much is a big part of that, but it'd be foolish not to start a fire off the spark that he created with his legs on Monday.

Mickey: I think Dak loosened up quite a bit in the win over the Chargers, playing much better off script. Now the 18-yard touchdown run was a read-option, deciding to keep the ball on the run, fooling not only the Chargers who were tackling Tony Pollard on the fake, but also the radio announcers. The other runs were more in scramble situations, which is good and bad. Good he's willing to take off. Bad he has to take off on called passing plays gone array. Don't need to overly expose him to contact, especially when getting sacked five time and hit another six times. Also, you lose the element of surprise when purposely and excessively calling designed running plays for him.

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