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Mailbag: Would Dak take less for a better team?


So now the big discussion is about Dak Prescott and how much he will sign for. The question I have is this: What does Dak want more, a Super Bowl or more money than he will spend in his lifetime? To get this team to where he can win a Super Bowl, would it not be better for him to take less money so they can get more help around him?– Jeffery Williams/Abilene, TX*

Nick Eatman: I'm sure Dak wants a Super Bowl more than anything. But that's not really a fair question. Most players would or at least should say that. But money is a different thing all together. Sure, it'd be easy for Dak to say he's going to take less money so they can sign more players. But, is CeeDee doing that? Will Micah do that as well? Are some of these free agents going to do that from other teams and come here with less money because they want to win it all? You know that's not happening. So why should Dak? Because if it doesn't work out and they fall short of the goal again, Dak gets most of the blame all to himself? So where does it pay off? I'm sorry, but it's not his job to figure out the salary cap situation. This is his turn to get the bag and he should get what's fair. He had a great season and he's put himself in position to get this contract. The Cowboys need to figure out how to maneuver the cap around him to give him the pieces he needs. But if the rest of the players aren't taking hometown deals, why should he?  

Patrik: Respectfully, I can't help but to chuckle at this angle of the discussion. Here's the bottom line that I've preached endlessly over the years and will repeat now for you: the quarterback market pays what it pays and the salary cap "pie" is far more myth than reality. The bottom line is Prescott, while needing to improve upon his playoff record, is also the runner-up for league MVP just last season and it doesn't matter who likes it or not, but that caliber of QB will always reset the market (ask Lamar Jackson). Understanding how the cap works (attrition, restructuring, pay reductions, new extensions that free up immediate cash, etc.) is key in comprehending why any NFL team can set a market at QB and still FIND ways to stack talent around them (again, ask Lamar Jackson, or even Josh Allen). My take is everyone should focus less on what Prescott is about to be awarded with (remove your emotion from it), especially considering it will be pushed out of the top-10 in like three years or less (it's a cycle people need to learn), and more on what the Cowboys do or don't do to show they can work the same magic as the other top contenders who have QBs on big contracts.

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