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Mailbag: Would You Trade 2015's 1st For Another No. 1?


Does it concern anyone else that the Cowboys don't have another proven running back who can handle 20-plus touches a game if something happens to DeMarco Murray? Is Joseph Randle the answer, or should the Cowboys be looking at other options?

Nick: I think the Cowboys will give Randle opportunities to be that guy. That's what he did in college. That's why they drafted him. He needs a strong offseason in the weight room but I wouldn't be surprised if Randle is the clear-cut backup to Murray if he goes down. Lance Dunbar has a role as well if he can stay healthy. And yeah, taking a running back isn't a bad idea if there's good value. But Randle should be able to handle the load if and when Murray goes down.  

David: It seems impatient to give up on Randle after one season – a season in which he wasn't great, but he didn't necessarily do anything wrong. They said when they drafted him last year that he'd be the guy to spell Murray when he needed it. But it'll be interesting to see if they can resist some of the more talented running backs in this draft – several of whom should be there when they pick in the third, fourth and fifth rounds.

If you can find a team willing to do it, would it be worth it to you to package your 2015 first round pick with maybe 2014's 2nd or 3rd round pick to get a second first round pick this year and add another difference maker?

Nick: Sounds like you've been talking to Jason Garrett. Seriously, that would be more of a short-term move and who knows, maybe the Cowboys would be willing to do that. I just wonder what kind of difference-maker are we talking about here. You're going to get another pick in the late-teens or in the 20s and he's going to be someone good enough to salvage next year's first-round pick? If you do that, it needs to be for a quarterback and I don't know if there's one you'd get that late in the first round that makes sense. Not a bad idea but I don't think you'll see it happen.

David: Here's the thing: that sounds like something you'd do if you were one good player away from the Super Bowl. Do you think the Cowboys are one good player away from a championship? I personally do not. So it seems unwise to send away an important pick on a guy you'd likely pick up at the tail end of the first round. Patience and prudence should rule the Cowboys' offseason philosophy until they prove they're ready to take the next step. So far, that's been what's happening this year. I doubt they'd take such a drastic measure.

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