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Mailbag: WR Coach's Impact? Irving's Outlook?


Being the impact player he has been in the past, is there enough time for David Irving to get healthy enough this year to get back on the field at full strength? - TOM SOUTHALL / LANCASTER, PA

Bryan: I am having serious doubts about him getting in football shape and making any type of an impact this season. I could be really wrong about this, but I haven't seen him working at The Star every day like Sean Lee and Tavon Austin. Those guys are going to be ready for you because of that work. 

Rob: Haven't heard a definitive return timeline, but Irving has progressed to working on the side with the athletic training staff. As well as the defensive line played against Drew Brees and others, think about Irving's 6-7 frame moving the middle of the pocket. Is there a chance he can be a factor down the stretch and in the playoffs if the Cowboys clinch a spot? We've seen him play well before without a lot of time on task.


Are we undervaluing Sanjay Lal's impact on this team? Amari Cooper got up to speed incredibly quick and I don't see any problems like drops he reportedly had in Oakland. What has Lal's addition meant for the team? - LANDON CABELL

Bryan: Give a tip of the cap to Sanjay Lal, but Amari Cooper has always been a heck of a player. I studied every pass thrown in his direction the last two years and the majority of those came when he was trying to get North-South before he had the ball secure, which led to those drops.

Rob: Lal has made an impact, no question. He's a teacher and a technician, according to the players. The time he spent working with Cooper in the Bay Area on the bye week helped speed up that transition. The biggest development might be from rookie Michael Gallup. He seems to be playing with a lot more confidence week to week.

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