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Mailbag: Zack Martin's Award Potential; Jakar Hamilton's Development

I know O-Line doesn't get much for awards, but the Cowboys run game turnaround should at least get Zack Martin's name on the list for Offensive Rookie of the Year. I am not an O-Line coach, so I am not grading him out, just saying.

Bryan: You don't have to be an offensive line coach or a former scout to know that Zack Martin is playing very well. As far as the offensive rookie of the year nods – that might be a difficult award to gather just because of the nature of the position. If he was an offensive tackle then maybe he has a much better chance due to the weekly match ups that he would have faced but I understand you point.

David: I took the time to look it up, and no offensive lineman has ever garnered a Rookie of the Year Award. It's a tough ask, considering he's going against guys, like Sammy Watkins and Derek Carr, who compile gobs of stats. There's certainly no denying that he's been exactly as-advertised to this point, though. In that regard, I think he's getting plenty of recognition for his work so far.

I did notice that in certain sub packages, Jeff Heath was on the field and seems to be a liability in coverage. How has the progress of Hamilton been and when will he be incorporated into this defense?

Bryan: It's about trust with coaches. These games are too tough and tight to put players on the field that they don't trust. As talented as Hamilton might be until he gains that trust he will not be active. I will say this about Heath and his coverage if you go back and study the end of the Seattle game on the 3rd and 6 pass to the tight end he was right there in coverage not allowing the ball to be completed.

David: It's hard to judge Hamilton's progress until we see him in live action, but I don't think you can underestimate the impact of missing four weeks of practice for a second-year player. The Cowboys clearly see something in Hamilton, or else they might not even have brought him back to the roster after his suspension, but Heath has put in the work to be the guy they call on when they need to.

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